White Water Rafting Longest Track - Telaga Waja River, Karangasem
Jalan Raya, Muncan, Kec. Rendang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali
2 Hours
Up to 1 day
Group Size
50 people

Long track rafting and emotionally Bali Rafting Longest Track Telaga Waja River Karangasem
Bali Rafting Longest Track Telaga Waja River Karangasem is the longest rafting track in Bali. This rafting track is fun and the chummy atmosphere while challenging rapids is a fantastic experience. Furthermore, your adventure will trace the river to its wild and original nature. Also, you will pass the spring-fed Telaga Waja river flows down through the wild tropical jungle, and towering trees, as well as vines, can create a thrilling beginner class rafting course. Also, the water is extremely clear and flows around numerous hairpin curves along the 16 km course. Therefore, there is no doubt to book Bali International Rafting through and we will return with our confirmation soon.

Bali International Rafting Adventure at Telaga Waja River
Joining Bali International Rafting is an unforgettable experience. It could be off under a waterfall halfway through as well as surrounded by a lush Balinese Jungle. With the Bali International Rafting guide, you will have an unforgettable experience and a wonderful memory to complete your holidays in paradise BALI. We are delighted to serve your requirement for the Bali Rafting Adventure and don’t miss it. It is a high recommendation once your holiday in Bali to have the experience of Bali rafting.


ADULT (12 - 70 year) IDR 200.000


ADULT (12 - 70 year) IDR 250.000

  • Mineral WaterSafe as well as well-maint
  • entrance rafting equipment
  • Professional river guide
  • Buffet lunch
  • insurance coverage
  • Own expenses
  • Drinks during meals
  • Tipping
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